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Enhance The Vision

Intervention Strategies That Educators Need To Gain Control of Their Chronic Disrupters

Who Should Attend?

This is the perfect compliment to Vision Management© for your entire staff. It bumps them up to another level of success. All staff should attend, both certified and non-certified staff who interface with children.

For district staff developers, this is the program that is best for new teachers if you can only support one program.

Why Should I Sponsor This Program?

Would you like workable strategies your staff can use with demanding, unmotivated or chronically disruptive students?

Thirty-five percent of the students, who are currently sitting in your classrooms, are "pivotal " students. They will become cooperative only if the teacher knows how to manage this type of student. They will become chronically disruptive if the teacher does not manage them properly. It is essential to manage them effectively because such a large, misbehaving group will create chaos and bedlam in your classrooms.

What Will They Learn?

Learn exact scripts and strategies to use on these students so they can become cooperative and productive. Learn how to determine every students' comfortable proximity to you, when to touch, how to touch, touching without using your hands, voice and tone control, and how to measure your personal influence


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Enhance The Vision Agenda .PDF

Join the Thousands of Educators Who Have Laughed & Learned with Diana

What is my Investment Fee?

Contact our office (972-278-7773) for our reasonable rates.


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Intervention Strategies That Educators Need To Gain Control of Their Chronic Disrupters

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