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Vision Management

A Step-by-Step Discipline & Academic Motivation Plan That Creates Total Consistency on A Campus/District

Who Should Attend?

Choose this highly meaningful program for your campus if you want a consistent and positive approach to behavior management that all staff implements in a respectful, uniform way. Therefore, all staff should attend: Educators, Special Teachers, Special Education Staff, Paraprofessionals, Secretaries and Clerks. Many schools have sent their Custodial staff!

Why Should I Sponsor This Program?

You are sorely aware of the emotional drain on your staff when the campus has a low academic ranking and staff expresses the reason is because of the many misbehaving, low-performing students There are methods to work with these students, motivate them conform to appropriate behavior and desire to learn.

What Will They Learn?

The misperception that misbehaving, low-performing students cannot learn is overturned when Vision Management© training occurs. Staff will develop the skills and confidence to manage their class. The campus will have a consistent and uniform approach to managing students. They will know how to get students to behave in a positive, respect manner.

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Lee Middle School Letter .PDF

What is Vision Management?

A comprehensive, research-based program that consists of specific brain-compatible strategies, techniques, skills, scripts and tools. When the practitioner implements Vision Management©, the results are successful students who take responsibility for their behavior, learning to self-manage.

Best of all, Vision Management meshes seamlessly with management programs that your staff has had previous training. Those programs may need more concrete strategies, tools and structure. Vision Management© will fill these needs!

As students are consistently held accountable for their goals, action steps and behavior, their ability to exhibit self-control improves. Coupled with the educators' increased skill levels, the result is reduced office referrals (49-87%), increased time on task and improved test results.

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Venus Middle School Statistics .PDF


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Vision Management Agenda .PDF

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What is my Investment Fee?

Contact our office (972-278-7773) for our reasonable rates.


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A Step-by-Step Discipline & Academic Motivation Plan That Creates Total Consistency on A Campus/District

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