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How To Have Effective Parent Conferences

How to Improve Student Behavior with Effective Conferencing, Calling & Communication with Difficult Parents

Who Should Attend?

Although your administrators are likely skilled communicators, this program is perfect for them to know how to calm difficult parents so solutions can be discussed. Special Education staff must be expert communicators so that you avoid any law suites from mistreated, angry parents. Your regular education staff will benefit from this training to learn how to confront parents, without being confrontational, about truancy, late attendance or bullying by their child.

Why Should I Sponsor This Program?

Challenging students sometimes have challenging parents. Who among you has received adequate training in healthy, functional communication? The cost of staff time spent to repair miscommunication by staff, clerks and administrators, would more than pay for this program. If everybody was thoughtful (full of thought) about what they said and did, your district would run more smoothly and less costly.

What Will They Learn?

Administrators will learn how to create cooperative, consistent partners from your most reluctant, unreachable parents!

Parent conferences can be a disaster when each party strives to command his own agenda. When parents argue or dispute teachers' interventions, they enable their children to continue misbehavior or academically fail. Parents often blame teachers, leaving them feeling inadequate, frustrated and upset.

Diana Day will teach your staff how to have complete self-confidence with their conferences. Your teachers will never fear or dislike conferencing again. Teachers will learn to change argumentative, indifferent parents into cooperative collaborators and take the anxiety out of previously difficult parent conferences.


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What is my Investment Fee?

Contact our office (972-278-7773) for our reasonable rates.

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Improve Student Behavior with Effective Conferencing, Calling & Communication with Difficult Parents

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