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911 For Lunch Mentors

Professional Training for Support Staff Who Manage Students in the Cafeteria

Who Should Attend?

Paraprofessionals or teaching staff who manage the cafeteria should attend this program.

Why Should I Sponsor This Program?

The attitude and behavior students exhibit in the Cafeteria often affects discipline within their classroom. During this fast, fun and informative 2-1/2 - 3 hour session your staff will learn how to create a well run and organized cafeteria where students remain calm and go back to class the same way.

It is the most cost effective to train the district's cafeteria staff rather than individual campuses.

What Will They Learn?

They will learn how to organize the cafeteria for success.

  1. Instill An Attitude That Fosters Excellence
  2. Maintain An Orderly Environment

Many cafeteria staff do not receive formal training in establishing and maintaining appropriate behavior from students. The purpose of "911 for Lunch Monitors" is to teach staff a discipline management system that works.


What is my Investment Fee?

Contact our office (972-278-7773) for our reasonable rates.


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