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About Diana Day

Diana Day is the author of Vision Management©, a nationally recognized behavior management process, and is also a humorous yet inspirational, motivational speaker. With over 30 years of experience, she is capable of both enlightening and entertaining groups of all sizes with her engaging, interactive style.

In 1992, after 21 years as an educator and consultant, Diana decided to use her vast breadth and depth of experience to launch a modern approach to behavior management and motivation. This decision came after witnessing numerous changes in educational and disciplinary philosophy over the course of her career. She noticed the difficulty these constant changes presented to teachers who were continually being asked to learn and master another "latest and greatest" program. She believed that if she could teach a logical, simple process for discipline management, they would be willing to learn it, use it at home and be willing to stick to it …because it made common sense.

Combining her extensive K-12, urban, suburban and rural teaching experience with detailed research, she concluded that she could create a uniform, elementary-to-secondary management program that would mature along with the child.

Vision Management© is the result of her quest for the best practice to deal with today's students. That is why Diana Day never reprints a book; she always rewrites. The information is always current and has application to today's students and parents. She'll throw away a stock of books to rewrite rather than give teachers out-dated, unusable concepts. That integrity and honestly is obvious when you meet her and listen to her teach.

Diana DayHighly motivated and highly motivating, Diana's practical, all-day seminars continue to engage, entertain and educate all school personnel from the Bus Barn to the Board Room. Also in demand as a featured speaker, Diana has presented to standing room only audiences at NAESP, NMSA, NSDC, and NSBA, and too numerous to list, state organizations.

Her presentation style is to model the students and teachers about whom she is speaking. Diana takes the role of all the characters discussed. It is very humorous, yet believable, because the characterizations are individuals everyone has experienced. Diana is highly interactive with the audience. To reach a large group, the presentation needs to be high energy. When questions are asked, she prefers to go into the audience, role-play and interact with her audience.

In addition to training all personnel in a district, Diana's methods help parents adapt to the societal change to manage their children. Over 500,000 parents from Honolulu to Houston and Anchorage to the Grand Bahamas have benefited from her ever popular "911 for Parents©" presentations.

Laughter, accuracy, being able and willing to answer questions are the best learning tools. Diana uses each of these to their best advantage in all of her trainings. Her trademark for bringing Vision Management to the forefront of management and motivation programs in America is … make it memorable, make it valuable and make it life-changing!

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